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From the media:

"What is it about a rainy day that makes a person become a bit maudlin, and perhaps reflect upon their life? No doubt this is a question that has lingered in the mind of those who have quietly stood at a window on a dark and rainy day, and just stared off into the distance. Karen FitzGerald captures all of those feelings with her 1999 release Heart of the Rain." James Dlugosinski, Instrumental Weekly

"Received Heart of the Rain the other day. Having listened, I found your beautiful piano pieces most inspiring, with all the trappings of the human touch: love, emotion, warmth. Aside from extensive classical music training, it seems you have been guided by a heavenly being. I can feel, and sense, your inspirations in joy of all things natural - as this is quite evident in your music, where all the different melodies flow and ebb and lull one into this state of well-being! Particularly moving, in my opinion, are the tracks "Moods" and "The Winds' Lament". You can bet I'll be air-playing your music on "The Sunday Morning Cafe." Pat Brent, WVKR, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Her soaring compositions are reminiscent of snowstorms and waterfalls. Her musical expression is at once powerful and melodic." Margaret Bikman, Bellingham Herald

"Heart of the Rain is an exceptionally well-performed and recorded debut CD with wonderfully conceived melodies and a cleanly delivered and mixed performance." Joseph Ponder, Every Other Weekly 

"Ever stared longingly out the window on a rainy day? No? Well that's just fine because the music of Karen FitzGerald does it for you. Her fluid, melancholy piano work works as a veritable shower of sprinkled notes and windswept tempos." Jon Pruett, Listen.com

"Contemporary solo grand piano is delivered in flowing, accurate statements. A hidden gem here in the Northwest." Chris Lunn, Victory Music Review

"Karen FitzGerald's debut album is a lovely surprise... I highly recommend Heart of the Rain." Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications [Click here to read whole review]

From the venues:

"Your music takes me out of my everyday life and moves me to a place of calm and beauty.  It has its own wonderful energy -- an energy that only builds up, never down.  I love to hear you play.  And since your compositions define such a wonderful sense of space, I find myself saying that I love to be there while you play -- to be in that same space as your music." Richard Vanderway, Whatcom Museum

"Thanks so much for playing for our medical education event -- especially on such short notice! Your beautiful compositions provided the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy a nice meal with friends and colleagues. Thanks for helping to create a memorable evening for everyone in attendance." Lauren Riggin, PeaceHealth

From fellow musicians:

"What a great album. Captures the great moods of the rain." George Winston, Windham Hill recording artist

"Well, I've been rocked and held by your music for several weeks now. Thank you! Thank you! It's a wonderful gift of music to us all." Linda Allen, singer-songwriter

"Masterfully conceived and superbly performed and produced, these poignant impressions of rainy day moods tug at the very heartstrings." David Michael, harpist-composer

"Sophisticated, sensual, magical, mystical, pristine, and playful.  As well as inviting her listeners to imagine, Ms. FitzGerald's piano music invites 'soul presence' ." Lynda MacCaull, essence flute

"Karen's music takes the listener somewhere both familiar and unknown, where laughter and tears meet inside the heart." Carolyn Koehnline, songwriter, storyteller, therapist

"Her energy is similar to a field of flowers that have voice... This album is for lovers. It will make the heart sing." Raymis, Awakening Heart Productions

"Expressive music from the heart, great talent for creating sound pictures of beauty and varying emotions and levels of energy, and highly developed technical skill. Plus a warm, gracious and loving stage presence." Leslie Lightfall, songwriter

"I began listening to [her] music and suddenly the power and beauty of being alive came through me... I cried and felt connected again to my true nature." Karen Poverny, songwriter

From the fans:

"After a long flight from Denver and a long drive from Sea-Tac, your music revitalized me. I heard and saw the Summer Rain, but also lingering sunsets, moons setting over the sea, childhood memories, hidden passages, and much more. Keep creating and playing your music!"

"Last night I heard your song "Lullaby" for the first time online and just wanted to tell you how deeply beautiful and melodic your creative talent is. I am deeply impressed with how your music has brought so much warmth and comfort to my heart. I have been a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter for most of my life and can truly appreciate your musical articulation. I wish you the very best and hope that your career is a long and successful one."

"Your music is inspiring, gifted and deeply moving! Thanks for sharing it!!"

"I was putting together a family photo album with Microsoft Movie Maker to send to out-of-state relatives and I needed some background music for the film. Well, I stumbled across "Lullaby" MP3 on the Internet and used it at the end while all the family photos were panning across the screen. When I heard it with the pictures, I just cried and cried. The music touched my soul. I immediately looked for and purchased your album from Amazon. I also bought the sheet music for Lullaby from your web site."

"I just love your style. It truly speaks to me. I will pull my Sandy Owen and George Winston CD's out of the player to make room for yours! Thank you for such wonderful music! Please don't stop!"

"I received the sheet music, printed it and got to the 12th measure when I just laughed out loud with joy. Sometimes it's just the simple melodies that when played with the right emotion goes right through you. I just love this piece. I'm heading back to the piano to pick up again from where I left off."

"I do not even remember what radio station it was, but I heard this incredible music... It was not only being fed to my ears, but into my very being. It was connecting to something very deep inside me. I am a very creative person... Your music is creative food."

"I have never written to an artist before about their music. I did want you to know that your song was not only beautiful, but touched a chord with me in a very personal way. I have put your CD on my wish list for the holidays and hope that someone in my family will purchase it as a gift. If not, I will buy it myself! I wanted you to know that you have an incredible style to your playing and are a very gifted artist. Thank you for sharing your talents."

"...I came across your song, "Lullaby", and it is the most beautiful piano I have heard in a long time. It totally relaxed me, and I just wanted to tell you how talented you are..."

"What beautiful music you make! Your compositions and playing are very soul searching, radiating one's innerness. There is no way a person can write music like yours without being peaceful, stress-free, and deep in thoughts about the nature around us... Thanks for sharing such beautiful music with the world..."

"I am just sitting here listening to your beautiful music coming out of my computer. I decided to log on and tell you how very wonderful Heart of the Rain is. It is exquisite, comforting, heartening, peaceful and inspiring, healing and gentle, and all the things the word "beautiful" can convey. For me it brings to mind not only the gentle rain here in the Northwest, but the sun sparkling down through the trees outside my window as I work. You must have a lovely heart to be able to create such music, and I know all your listeners feel really lucky that you have offered it to us. Just wanted to say thank you!"

"Thank you for your beautiful music. You play exactly how I wish I could play, so when I listen to your music I feel it to the heart ... the Heart of the Rain."

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